Praise Sehanine for the night in which we rest.

The goddess of the moon and autumn, the doctrine of Sehanine in Timberport emphasizes the rythyms of life, especially the mystic connection between the cycles of a woman’s body and the moon. The night and the bed being the proper conditions for love, Sehanine also governs fertility, and it is in these two aspects that she is invoked during marriage ceremonies in Timberport.

As one of the triune, virtually every PC will be familiar with the conventions of Sehanine worship. Ardent believers will generally be younger rebels, emphasizing romantic love over the mechanics of marriage and family management. Those recognized as blessed by Sehanine with access to divine power will generally be laser clerics (“By the power of the moon, I punish you!”) and respected by the community for the immense wisdom they display as marriage counselors. Sehanine also blesses the occasional dedicated trickster, who will almost certainly have a special secret identity for her night operations. The occasional empowered male will almost always be trained by the militia as a paladin, although sufficient angst (such as prompted by the early death or marriage to someone else of one’s beloved) may lead to avenging.

Properly-married couples contribute to the upkeep of their neighborhood shrine, with one of the local wives doing part-time work as priestess. Generally much easier-going than the priestesses of Avandra, the high priestess tends to be the best-liked among the relatively few full-time clergy at Timberport’s Moon Temple.


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