Praise Melora for the bounty of the seas, which sustains us all.

The goddess of life, the sea, and the wilderness, the doctrine of Melora in Timberport manifests mostly as the superstitions and traditions of sailors in the fleet. They emphasize stewardship (throw the largest fish back), realism (you can’t fight the storm, but you can fight for your life), and balance (the sea giveth life as fish; the sea taketh life as a storm). Back on shore, although the situation would seem ideally suited to expound upon her strictures (opposing the spread of cities, in particular), the restriction of Timberporters to their town inhibits the worship of Melora in all her aspects; only elvish lumberjacks and the rangers regularly interact with an all-natural environment.

As one of the triune, virtually every PC will be familiar with the conventions of Melora worship; many will have also acquired some of the fleet’s superstitions. Those blessed by Melora with access to divine power will usually be invokers, although clerics, with their access to ritual divination, are also rather common. Paladins, avengers, and runepriests of Melora are spectacularly rare and usually appear in response to an unchecked predator.

Full-time priestesses of Melora gossip like fish-wives. However, the fleet supports them for their weather- and fish- forecasts. Because the fleet evaluates the predictions and publicizes their accuracy, the gossip is considerably less vicious than the Avandrans, who don’t appear to actually do anything. Melora’s worshippers generally recognize the best diviner among them as their high priestess.


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