Praise Avandra, there is no government in Timberport.

The goddess of change, the doctrine of Avandra in Timberport concerns itself almost exclusively with anarchy: not halflings, not trade, not travel, and certainly not adventure. While Timberport has no satisfactory theological reasoning for opening the gates of the inner city on high holy days – and the priests of the glass room chuckle into their beards at the choice of dawn – the frontier aspect of Avandra’s portfolio helps sustain the tradition.

As one of the triune, virtually every PC will be familiar with the conventions of Avandra worship. True believers will generally be ardents, as the obstensibly anarchical matriarchy emphasizes charisma over wisdom (and wisdom over strength or constitution). Those blessed by Avandra with access to divine power will most likely be disliked by and in trouble with the established matrons, as their theology doesn’t usually bear any particular relation to Avandra’s will. Partly because of this, the relative rarity of such individuals, and the Avandran influence on the town, the militia trains them. This tends to produce more paladins and avengers than clerics.

Individual worship leaders ensure their shrine is maintained through ruthless gossipping; the position of high priestess is determined through merciless social competition.


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